St. Dominic's College Welkom

Academic Excellence

It is so important that schools like St Dominic’s College champion the importance of academic excellence with a view to ensuring that our children proceed to the university and faculty of choice. To this end, we aim to promote a co-ordinated and integrated approach across all four schools. Furthermore, we understand the importance of providing a quality educational experience for the academically inclined and those less academically inclined. We aim to incorporate technology in the educational process with a view to ensuring that our pupils develop the ability to engage successfully with technology, thereby developing an important 21st century skill. The curriculum is fast moving towards being more than just content based and more and more corporates are dictating the need for development of these 21st century skills. To achieve this, we commit ourselves to retaining and recruiting highly qualified teachers to achieve the desired academic output whilst ensuring that they understand the importance of committing to continuously improving their knowledge and skills.