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“In the race for excellence, there is no finish line.”


St Dominic’s College is a traditional church school having been established in the proud traditions of the Dominican Sisters and Christian Brothers. Whilst proudly Catholic and firm in promoting strong Christian values, we welcome pupils from all denominations. Our children derive significant benefit from our values-based approach to teaching and learning and ultimately, all our teachings are based upon the cornerstones of respect, compassion, commitment, discipline and integrity.


St Dominic’s College is one of the finest independent schools in the Free State and boasts four schools on our 18-hectare campus. This presents a unique opportunity that allows our children to transition through the school from Little Saints (3 months) to the High School. We are a member of the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa and one thing that all independent schools know is that “in the race for excellence, there is no finish line.” Usain Bolt continuously sets new benchmarks on the world’s athletics stage and similarly, we as educators have the awesome responsibility of preparing the children in our care for benchmarks that continue to change, given the dynamic and ever-changing world that we live in, providing an educational experience that is current and relevant in the lives of our children will always remain our greatest challenge.


St Dominic’s College has embraced this challenge for the last twenty-four years and will continue to do so going forward, endeavouring to provide a safe, non-threatening environment that allows children to develop to their full potential. Furthermore, we aim to present an educational experience that is based on a “time honoured values system”. We are in the business of developing and growing young children for life in the modern world, leaving them well-placed to become effective, contributing members of society. In order to achieve this, we embrace certain pillars of excellence which are central to providing an educational experience that is all-encompassing and focused on experiencing every sphere of school life.


Deena Naidoo



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